T3230 Digital Timer AC 110V/220V Delay Relay LED Display Cycle Timer Control Switch ET5233


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  • Timing range: 0-999s,0-999m,0-999h
  • Power supply voltage:AC 110V 220V
  • Relay: 20A
  • Working current: 10A(maximum)
  • Power: 1500W (maximum)

Simple instructions: Please pay attention for your first use. You need wait 6s after your setting data, the module will save the date you have set after 6s. Short press button “SET”: Start the Time Setting Mode and screen will blinking. Please set time T1 during blinking. Press button “SET” and screen will blinking again. Set time T2 during blinking. Then save set in two method: ① Waiting for 6S and the screen stop blinking. The system automatically saves the setting time; ② Press button “SET”. Long press button “SET”: Start the Parameter Setting Mode. There are there parameter for your choice: P0 and P1. You can select P0 or P1 by short press “SET”. Under the parameter P0, P1 you can set the parameter by the button UP and button DOWN. Restart key: Trigger the function again. After the timer finishes work normally. If needs to work again please short press the ‘Restart key’ to restart the timer.