XL7015E1 TO-252-5


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Wide 5V to 80V Operation Voltage
„ Output Adjustable from 1.25V to 20V
„ Maximum Duty Cycle 90%
„ Minimum Drop Out 2V
„ Fixed 150KHz Switching Frequency
„ Maximum 0.8A Output Current
„ Recommend Maximum 0.6A Output
Current At 5V Output,48V Input
„ Recommend Maximum 0.4A Output
Current At 15V Output,48V Input
„ Internal Optimize HV Power Transistor
„ High efficiency up to 85%
„ Excellent line and load regulation
„ TTL shutdown capability
„ Built in thermal shutdown function
„ Built in output short Protection Function
„ Built in current limit function
„ TO252-5L package