TM1640B SOP28 display driver TITAN MICRO


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TM1640 is a LED (Light Emitting Diode Display) drive control circuit integrating MCU
digital interface, digital latch, LED high voltage drive circuit, etc. The product has excellent
performance and reliable quality, and is mainly applied in display drive for electronic scales
and other small home appliances. In addition, it adopts the SOP28 packaging mode


Power CMOS technique
 Display mode (8 sections × 16 bits) supports common cathode digital tube output
 Brightness adjusting circuit (duty cycle adjustable among 8 levels)
 Dual-line serial interface (CLK, DIN)
Mode of oscillation: built-in RC oscillation (450KHz+5%)
 Built-in power-on reset circuit
 Built-in auto blanking circuit
 Mode of packaging: SOP28