TCRT5000 Photoelectric Switch Sensor Infrared Photoelectric Switch Infrared Reflection Relay


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Using infrared reflection principle, infrared emitting tube constantly send out infrared signal, when there is  reflector, receiving tube output signal, after comparison and amplification of the chip,drive relay  pull,  control related equipment,reflective distance adjustable from 0 to 3 cm, (black objects reflect effect is very small, white reflection obviously)commonly used to detect objects in close proximity,, the application of various kinds of automation equipment modification.


Product introduction:

1. With TCRT5000 Infrared photoelectric sensor for sensing head, lead length 20 cm;
2. Have power indicator and relay pull instructions;
3. The module is equipped with high power relay, can control 10A current load;
4. The module size: 50 x26x18. 5 mm pitch: 45 * 21.5, size: 3.1 mm
The performance parameters:

Power supply module: DC5V

Static electricity: 10 mA
Maximum power consumption: 75 mA
Reflection distance: 0-3 cm adjustable induction
Product usage:

1.Connect 5V power supply , sensors connected correctly, refer to the below;
2. The common end of the relay and the normally open end, the normally closed end has no voltage output, is only a single pole double throw switch, a lot of people think that the two lines of equipment directly to the common end and normally open is OK, actually it is not working, relay is a large current switch, when the relay is not pull, common end is connected with   normally closed end,when pull, the common terminal is connected with the normally open  end, relay is used to control a line’s on or off of  equipment , wiring method, please refer to the below;

3. When there is no obstacle reflection in front of sensor, relay not pull, when reflection, relay pull;
4. Reflection distance adjustment method, sensor without obstacles to adjust, use a screwdriver to adjust the onpanel potentiometer, just make the green light from light to bright, and then back to the light,, at this time if there are obstacles, relay will pull, continue to callback, induction distance will be more and more shorter.