STM8S103F3P6 system board STM8S STM8 development board minimum core board


1.TheCore board schematic(PDFformat)And test the source program. Burned intotest program,After power onledThe light flashes,For youCheck whether the core board is working properly.

2.Provided separately atIARandSTVDTwo development environmentsRegister operationwithLibrary function operationofTwoSet of matchingI / OPort routines, timer routines,UARTSend routines,UARTReceiving routines, clock switching cases,ADRoutines.


4.STM8Encapsulation library

5.STM8The register of each function module is programmed

6.IARDevelopment environment andSTVPProgramming software

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STM8S core board main features:1.useSTM8S103F3P6As the masterICThe2.Can be used on the board2.54Row dischargeOr the pad to take power, the use of pad to take power, the input voltage range4.5V-15V, Can also pass the pinOutput to the outside3.3VThenote:5VPinConnect to the module’s input power supplyThe3.Leads all pins,This pin is marked next to the pinLabel, with a reset button, power indicator, and program demonstration lights, sparrows, although small and perfectly.4.stand bySWIMDebug modeTheGeneral information:Http://