Mini W5100 LAN Ethernet Shield Network Board Module R3 W5100 3.3V Compatible For Ethernet UNO Mega 2560


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A variety of interfaces are available: direct bus, indirect bus andSPIbus;
• Hardware supportTCP / IPProtocol stack, supportTCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, IPv4, & Lt;ARP, and PPPoE.
• As many as4Independent ports;
• Internal integration16KBYTESend and receive cache;
• A variety of information indicating the output, includingRX, TX, Full / Duplex, Colision, Link, Speed;
• Support for automatic polarity switching (DMI / MDIX);
•3.3Vpowered by,IOSignal compatible5VVoltage;
• Comes with Ethernet port, double row2 * 14 2.0 mmPin