LM2596HVS LM2596 HV high voltage LM2596HV DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Buck Converter Power Module 4.5-50V To 3-35V


It’s LM2596HVS Not LM2596S Chip,please know it

  • Type /name:LM2596HVS DC-DC step-down module
  • Input Voltage:4.5V ~ 53V
  • Output Voltage:3V ~ 40V
  • Output Current:3A (max)
  • Conversion efficiency:92%(the highest)
  • Output Ripple:<30mV
  • Switching frequency:150KHz
  • Operating Temperature:-45 ° ~ +85 °
  • Size:43mm * 21mm * 14mm (L * W* H)

IN-IN + inputPositiveInput Negative!

Positive outputOUT +OUT-output negative

Input voltage range: DC4.5V to53V (inputvoltagemust be greater thanthe outputvoltageto1.5Vor morehigh.Could notboost)

Output voltage range: DC3Vto 40Vvoltage is continuously adjustable, high efficiency(up to 92%)the maximum outputcurrent of3A.

Measured12V input, 5Voutputcurrent is 1Aload regulationrate of less than1%

Note: This is thestep-down module, the input voltagemust behigher than the outputvoltage.

Outputcurrent is greater than2.5A (or outputpower greater than10W)to work long hours, please addheat sink.



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