Isolated LED Driver MT7967


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Product Description

MT7967 is a PWM controller for AC-DC LED lighting. With primary side sensing and regulation technology, no secondary side feedback circuit is needed. Further, the loop compensation components are also eliminated while maintaining system stability. Integrated with 600V power switch and adjustable LED open-circuit protection (OVP) function simplifies the system design and improves the reliability.

With Maxic’s proprietary current regulation technique, the MT7967 achieves ±3% accuracy of LED current along with excellent line regulation and load regulation.

MT7967 provides plenty of protections, such as over current protection(OCP), short circuit protection (SCP) over voltage protection (OVP) and over temperature protection(OTP),etc, to enhance system reliability.


  • Build in 600V power MOSFET
  • No auxiliary winding needed
  • Supporting 85V to 265V AC line voltage range Primary side sensing and regulation,
  • no need of secondary side feedback
  • High precision constant LED current (+/-3%) vh Adjustable LED open-circuit voltage • protection threshold
  • LED short circuit protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle peak current control
  • VDD under voltage lock-out protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Available in DIPS package


  • GU10
  • PARs
  • Ceiling Light




Product Description Vin(V) Max drive capacity PFC Dimming Package
MT7967 Dual winding,OVP,Internal 600V MOS 85~265VAC 12W >0.5 N/A DIP8