HR202 Hygrometer Humidity Sensor HR202L Humidity Sensor for DIY Kit


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HR202 humidity sensitive resistor is a new type of humidity sensitive component using organic polymer material. It has wide moisture absorption range and stable long-term performance. It can be used in storage, compartment, indoor air quality control, building automation, medical and industrial control systems. And a wide range of applications in the field of scientific research.
Characteristic parameter (at 1kHz) Unit: ohm
Working range 20…95%RH 0…60°C
Supply voltage 1.5V AC (Max sine wave)
Operating frequency 500Hz…2kHz
Rated power 0.2mW (Max sine wave)
Center value (at25°C 1kHz 1V AC 60%RH sine wave) 31.0kΩ
Impedance range (at25°C 1kHz 1V AC 60%RH sine wave) 19.8…50.2kΩ
Humidity detection accuracy ±5%RH
For temperature and humidity display, temperature and humidity gift table, atmospheric environmental monitoring, industrial process control, agriculture, measuring instruments and other applications.