500F 2.7V Farad Capacitor 35 * 60MM Super Capacitor



Model specifications:2 feet / 4 feet
Model: 2.7V500F
Size: 35 * 60 (mm)
Capacitance: 500F
Tolerance: -10%, + 20%
Rated Voltage: 2.7V
Operating temperature: -60 40 ° C ~ ° C
ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance): 10 milliohms
Life: 25 ° C 87600 hours


Applies to: Rectifier car, can improve / stereo / speaker, extended battery life, balanced voltage, series add fuse and wire
Can be used in parallel with the battery!
Effect: more than 30 percent away, on the slopes and powerful, but also for solar energy
For example: with 6 series 2.7v500f can be made with a capacity of 16V83F automotive rectifier.
You can also enjoy the fun of DIY your own and a sense of accomplishment


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