FAN7382 Half-Bridge Gate Driver 7382


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The TC4420/TC4429 are 6A (peak), single-output
MOSFET drivers. The TC4429 is an inverting driver
(pin-compatible with the TC429), while the TC4420 is a
non-inverting driver. These drivers are fabricated in
CMOS for lower power and more efficient operation
versus bipolar drivers.
Both devices have TTL/CMOS compatible inputs that
can be driven as high as VDD + 0.3V or as low as –5V
without upset or damage to the device. This eliminates
the need for external level-shifting circuitry and its
associated cost and size. The output swing is rail-to-rail,
ensuring better drive voltage margin, especially during
power-up/power-down sequencing. Propagational
delay time is only 55 ns (typ.) and the output rise and fall
times are only 25 ns (typ.) into 2500 pF across the
usable power supply range.
Unlike other drivers, the TC4420/TC4429 are virtually
latch-up proof. They replace three or more discrete
components, saving PCB area, parts and improving
overall system reliability