DC 12V 6 Channel Relay Module Wireless RF 433MHz Remote Control Switch Transmitter + Receiver Board


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Wireless control, easy to install. Control Lights, Motors, Fans, electrically operated Doors/Locks/Windows/Blinds/Cars or Other Appliances with DC12V. You can turn on/off the receiver with transmitter (remote control) from any place within a reliable distance; the wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors. This switch can learn different coding remote controls (such as 2262, 1527) One/several transmitters can control one/several receivers simultaneously. If you use two or more receivers in the same place, you can set them with different codes. If you use multi-button transmitter, you can control the controller with different buttons, it won’t affect each other. Operating Frequency: 433MHz The wireless receiving controller, with high confidentiality, stable performance, low power consumption characteristic, jump line or dial the code switch coding.

About Receiver:

Channel: 6 CH Radio Frequency: 433MHZ Operating Voltage: DC12V Operating Type: Jog /Momentary/Non-Latched (Press and hold->On, Release->Off ) Interlock /Latched (Press -> On; Press other button -> Off ) Self-lock/Toggle (Press->On, Press again->Off) Coding Type: Learning code Maximum Working Current: 10A Output Mode: Without voltage output (also called Contact output) Step-down approach: resistance-capacitance (RC)

About Working way/ output Way:

Output Working way for learning code switch-Jog, Self-Lock, interlock, changed by soldering or jump cap. Momentary/ Jog–Press and hold -> On; Release -> Off Toggle/ Self-lock–Press -> On; Press again -> Off Latched/ Interlock–Press -> On; Press other button -> Off

About Transmitter:

Buttons: 6 Buttons Working Voltage: DC12V (battery not included) Frequency:433MHz Remote Control Distance: 50-200m Encode: Fixed code by soldering and learning code

Batteries not included

About Learning and cleaning Method:

Learning: Press the learning key, it means the controller putting in the learning state when the indicator goes ON, then please press any buttons of the remote control to transmit signals, the indicator will flash for 3 times after 1 second, then recover to normally OFF, which means successfully studied. After pressing any buttons of the remote control to transmit signal, the indicator didn’t flash, 10 seconds later it still recovers to normally on, but it study unsuccessfully. Cleaning: Hold press learning button about 8 seconds, indicator from ON to OFF, then press remote receiver did not work, it means cleaning code successful. A: Signal non-lock (jog): press the NO.1 button of the remote control to learn B: Signal self-lock (self-lock): press the No.2 button to learn, each channel is independent of the others C: Signal inter-lock: press the NO.3 button to learn D: 1CH-3CH is jog, 4CH-6CH is self-lock press the NO.4button to learn E: 1CH-3CH is jog, 4CH-6CH is inter-lock press the NO.5button to learn F: 1CH-2CH is jog, 3CH-6CH is inter-lock press the NO.6 button to learn