TPA3116 8-25V 100W Subwoofer Amplifier Board with NE5532 OPAMP filter


  • PCB size: 75X60MM
  • Power Range: 8-25V;Power connector is a standard 5.5MM power jack
  • Maximum output power: 50W (left channel) + 50W (Right channel), dual- channel output, efficiency up to 90 percent

8-25V 100W TPA3116 Subwoofer Digital Power Amplifier Board TPA3116D2 Amplifiers NE5532 OPAMP PCB size: 75X60MM Power connector is a standard 5.5MM power jack, and most of the same notebook power Power Range: 8-25V Digital amplifier can do subwoofer plate amplifier with a pre-match buffer op amp NE5532 The United States is using the new high-performance TI’s TPA3116D2 amplifier chip as the core, a single power supply 8-25V DC wide working voltage, maximum 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel) two-channel output, efficiency as high as 90 percent. You can use switching power supply, laptop power supply, battery or vehicle power supply and so on …

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