3S 11.1V High Current 100A 3.7V Lithium Battery Protection Board


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Model: HX-3S-F100A
Overcharge voltage range: 4.28v±0.05v

Size: 70*60*8.5mm
Over-discharge voltage range: 2.5±0.05v
Upper limit working current: 100A (pay attention to heat dissipation)
Working temperature: -40~+50°C
Upper limit instantaneous current: 100-120A
Storage condition: -40~+80°C
Quiescent current: less than 30uA
Effective life: more than 30,000 hours
Internal resistance: less than 300mΩ
Short circuit protection: protection, delay self-recovery.
Equilibrium current: 65 mA
Charging voltage: 12.6V-13V
Charging current upper limit: 10A
T point description: Add a normally closed temperature sensing switch to extend the temperature protection. The 0R resistor next to the solder joint should be removed.
Note: For discharge products above 3A, the discharge rate of the battery should be more than 3C.
Magnification calculation formula: 1C rate battery, 2000 capacity is equal to 2AH*1=2A working current.
3C rate battery, 2000 capacity is equal to 2AH*3=6A working current.